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Meme images and HTML in Skype

Meme images and HTML in Skype

Have you been trolled on Skype, with an image you haven’t even received? I know that feel, ‘bro.

If you’ve recently seen something like this in your skype chat:

..You are not alone.

Or maybe you haven’t yet – then you are here just in time!

The moment I saw that for the first time, I literally spent a good 20 minutes Googling about it. As it turns out – Skype actually supports HTML, and hence why this is possible. There seem to be a few websites that understand the potential of this, and will convert your images into HTML for free. The only thing you have to do after that is to copy and paste the code in your Skype chat. The web site I recommend is img4skype.com.

But there is a small catch to all this

Thing is, you can’t just paste and press Enter, and expect an image to appear. But what you have to do is a tiiny bit weirder – you have to hold Ctrl+Shift and press the “Send” button. It won’t work if you press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. It only works when you mouse-click on the message send bubble(or, button, if you are on an older version of Skype). It has been noted that on some versions of Skype this does not work. However, even if it doesn’t work, these versions do seem to display the HTML you send. Some just seem to stretch the image, or just display it weirdly. I can’t guarantee that everyone will see your image, because I haven’t tested this on all Skype versions, but the chance of someone not seeing it seems to be rather small.

There is this bigger catch too, of course

There’s a huge chance that the website is being bombarded with more and more visitors. Therefore, it may go down at some point, if it can’t handle all that traffic. So, if it doesn’t open, or it acts weirdly, don’t be too surprised.

So, let the Skype-trolling begin!

All of this means, that it is possible to convert virtually any image you want into HTML, and paste it into Skype. Be it a meme image, a Facebook profile photo, a trollface. It’s all possible. The choice is simply yours.

That is not all there is, though

Since the images are nothing but coloured dots in HTML, this means that you can include many HTML tags into your messages too. Such include <b>bold</b>, <u>underline</u>, <i>italics</i>, <s>strikethrough</s>, and many more. If you want to get a bit “advanced” with this, you can use a font tag, to change the font size or the colour of the text. There’s a quick example: <font size=”-2″ color=”#FF0000″>small red text</font>.

Experiment with tags, and let us know which work! Also, if you find other note-worthy websites like img4skype, keep us updated. Comments are encouraged and highly-appreciated.

  • leon187

    In Skype all of the above html tags work except for small red text.